Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Becoming Famous

Dear Monty,

I saw your article and I just wanted to know if there is an age limit to be in the music business. I love music and I write songs. I have a good singing voice but I'm only 12 years old. Is that a problem? And how do you get famous anyway?



Hi Melanie,

No, there's no age limit to being in the music business. Even little kids have "made it big." (Shirley Temple and the Olsen Twins are a couple of examples who come
immediately to mind.)

However, it's very hard for anyone of ANY age to find fame. It takes enormous talent and hard work, plus a good chunk of luck.

You've got to start out by getting very very good at what you do which takes practice, practice, practice.

Even if you become a fantastic singer/songwriter, it still takes a lot of hard work, promotion, and a good bit of luck to become famous.

The best advice I can give you is to work hard at your music as long as you love doing it.

I believe most professional musicians, myself included, are happy to make a living at what they love to do without worrying too much about becoming famous. For me it's really about the songs and the kids I sing them for!


Anonymous said...

hi Im Kandy Ive always wanted to be a singer and now I can finally persue my dreme because i have the confidence and the voice or it just like melanie said when she wrote you a comment ok well there seems to be a little bit of a problem because i have the lyrics to the song but i dont have the music or tune that im looking for and i dont know how to do it but i know for a fact that i can sing i have one 4 talent shows for singing my heart out and im really trying hard with writting my songs and everything im doing it it my best friend but i dont know where to start can you help me!!?!?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

I love to sing and all of my friens think that I should go on American Idol. My chior thecher says I have a beautiful voice, and I am always writing my own sonds. But, I get nervuos very easly. Do you have any tips on how to get over being afraid becuse i sing all the time, when i'm alone or, in choir? Some times I sing in the mall, but, only with my very close friends!!

Can you please help me?!?!?!?!?

Noah Andre

Anonymous said...

hi my name is Kevin and im a kid, and i'm working for a kid who has her own website but is only popular in my school district. shes a rapper and is good at it.the only background music we have is a pencil tapping something!

Unknown said...

Hey kandy I have the opposite problem. I can write fantastic songs. But I'm not the best singer.
The best advice for me to give you is just start saying the words then slowly move into singing them eventully you will find a beat and tune for that song. Then be sure to record it some how so you don't forget the tune.

Brittany green said...

Hi my name is BrittanyGreen!
I am 10yr old
I really want to be a singer
I try to email the news but nothing dreams is to make it on kids bop list and make lots of ablums so much that i am really famous.

Anonymous said...

Hi Im really good at playing the guitar and writing songs but my singing voice isn't the best im taking singing lessons but for some reason it seems like my voice will never change
HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monty Harper said...

Three things -

1. Not every singer-songwriter type has a great voice. Look at Bob Dylan or Neil Young.

2. If worse comes to worse you can always make a career behind the scenes as a songwriter and let other people do the singing. Most successes in entertainment are based on teamwork.

3. MOST importantly, be patient with yourself and practice practice practice. Your voice will get better!

Abby Richmann said...

Hi im Abby.Im 13 and a happy songwriter.I sing country music and ive been singing and playing guitar for 3 years already.People say I sound like taylor swift,jewel, and Carrie Underwood.Im going to Nashville next month and I am going to sing a few songs of my own and play guitar.People say im really unique and very amazing and talented.I have alot of drama and mean people where I live and they kinda push me around bc of my music.The only way I can get away from it is to move to Nashville.My parents cant move until I get a record deal bc of my dads business.
How long do you think it will take to become famous if im extremely good?

Monty Harper said...

Hi Abby,
There is no one path to fame, even if you are extremely talented. You also have to be extremely hard-working and extremely lucky. So I can't tell you how long it will take, or even whether it will happen for you. Nobody can - fame is very unpredictable! My advice is to have fun with your talent, get the best education you can, and don't count on fame as part of your life's plan. If you really are talented, and you work hard at it, and you have some smarts, you can make a living as a singer and/or songwriter whether you become famous or not. And don't let the mean people get you down. Those people just have some growing up to do.