Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ask Nat & Alex (Formerly of the Naked Brothers Band)!

Dear Readers,

I've been given an incredible opportunity to interview Nat & Alex Wolff about their songwriting, and I'm going to let you in on it!!

Nat & Alex Wolff
If you aren't sure who I'm talking about, think "The Naked Brothers Band" from Nickelodeon. Their first two CDs were with the band, but now they've gone solo (or should I say duo?), and they have a new CD out called Black Sheep.

Many of you have asked for advice on becoming famous with your music. Well, here is your chance to ask two talented young songwriters who have actually been there, done that! Nat is about to turn 17 and Alex recently turned 14. They made their first hit record around the ages of 13 and 10!

Do you have a question for Nat & Alex? Send it in and I might include it in the interview!

I'm looking for questions that are pretty specific, and I'm most interested in questions about writing songs, of course! I'll include your best questions in the interview!

Send questions to with "Nat & Alex" in the subject. Or post them here in the comments. Ask as many as you want.

You have just a few days to respond. I'll be sending my questions to Nat & Alex on December 20, and I'll post their answers here as soon as I get them!


~Bethany Stoddard said...

1. I went to your concert in NJ on 11/19/11. (drove 5 hours!) Do you remember when me and my friends had you sign "Puffy Fluffy" and "Party Fork" posters?
2.What is your most embarrassing moment that happened at a concert onstage?
3. Can you play a show for your fans in Pennsylvania?
4. How old is ET?
5. Do you every get nervous before a show? If so, how do you cope?
That's all :] Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nat and Alex! I love you guys! (-Sydney Smith)

1. What inspires your song lyrics? They are always so deep and meaningful, I just HAVE to know!

2. How long have you two been playing all of these instruments?

3. What's some advice for a beginning guitar player (myself)?

4. Do you two ever fight, and if so, what is it usually over and/or about?

5. What makes you two smile?

I love you guys!

giovanna_rb said...

1. What was the biggest crazy that a fan has ever done for you?
2. What is your favorite instrument?
3. Would you like to be famous again, or would like to continue living normally, doing what you like?
4. Sometimes you stop and think that there are people across the world who love you and love your music and know sing all the songs you've ever done? If you think about it, how you feel about that?
5. Do you write the songs according to what is happening at the moment, or just about things that go through your head?

thank you guys, Giovanna
questions apply to both.

giovanna_rb said...

1. What was the inspiration of Alex when he wrote "sitting in my sorrow"?
2. Nat and Alex, what is your favorite song from NBB? Why?
3. Nat and ALex, what is your favorite song of all you've ever written in your life?
4. Nat, what was the reason you write 18?
5. Nat and ALex, What do you think harder, to make the lyrics or the melody?

thank you, Lumma.

Paola Sisconetto said...

1. Do you have plans to come to brazil? Even for holiday

2. How do you feel meeting international fans?

3. Do you have some gift from a fan that you like the most?

4. Would ever date a fan?

5. Are you guys single?

GUI said...

1. What was the most inspirational place you've been to write a song?
2. The lyrics of all your songs always express what you guys are feeling in the momment?
3. How do you feel on creating amazing songs since your chilhood?
4. What does inspirate you at most?
5. What was the weirdest place you boys have ever imagined yourselves playing at?
6. What's the country you always dreamed to visit or to play?
7. Alex, were you very depressing when you wrote the song Disappointed?
8. Do you ask someone's opinion about the lyrics before finishing them? Who?
9. How do you get along the fact of being famous, have good notes at school and give the due attention to your friends and fans?
10. Do you think the Black Sheep songs are better than NBB songs? I mean, maturer ?
11. What song you consider the best you compossed so far?
12. What was the most difficult NBB and Black Sheep song you've done?
13. What do you prefer? To have 100 fans and a normal life, or 1 million fans and cannot get out home or go to the bakery? haha
14. What was the first instrument you learned to play? Nat - piano, Alex - drums ?

I think that's it!
Thank ya.

Anonymous said...

hey guys!!!!
these are my questions for you:

*I could already read when you wrote your first song?
*how do you learn music composition?
*how learned to write music?
***ALEX*** What inspires you to write the song disappointed?.

thanks guys!!! i ♥ you so much!!
congrats from mexico!!!

The Rock Fairy said...

Hi Nat and Alex (: I love you guys so much... I had a few questions for both of you

1. What was the craziest inspiration for a song you've ever gotten?
2. Have you guys written a song together?
3. How many guitars do you have?
4. What are your tips for kids who want to get into acting (like me)?
5. Are you considering a tour soon? :)

Thanks <3 love you guys

Anonymous said...

Heyy guys! I want to know what rcmjnbnoe means in your songg!!!!! I love blacksheep! Every song explains my life... Disappointed makes me cryy:( colorful raindrops reminds me of someone and I won't love you any less is literally geniuss and it relates to me so much. It's so sweet to hear a guy say/sing that. I love you Nat. Haha huge crush.. Will you guys please come to chi town soon?! I'm 15 turning 16 and would love any advice u guys have on pretty much any subject! Possesses answer to this <3 - Ashley rose

Rayne (rain) said...

Hi I have some questions for you.
1. If you could be an animal what would it be and why?
2. Do you guys have nicknames for each other?
3. Alex you when you wore your sock monkey hat did you relized you started a new trend?
4. What's your favorite kind of candy or dessert?
5. Which song on Black Sheep mostly relates to your personality?
6. Ever gotten a hole in 1 in mini golf?
7. Do you have any secret talents if so I can you show us?
8. Do you know any French?
9. Which video that you guys made think is the best or funniest?
10. Are you double jointed anywhere?
11. How many pieces of pizza can you eat without throwing up?
12. Could you say hello or do a shoutout for ImaNatnAlexFan?
13. What's your favorite dirty song lyric?
14. What are your biggest fears?
15. Can you show us a few of your best dance moves?
16. What's your favorite song to perform on stage?
17. Are you guys clumsy?
18. What was your most favorite NBB episode?
19. If you could be a fruit or a vegetable what would it be and why?
20. What's your favorite movie to watch?

Rayne (rain) said...

Hey Guys I have some questions for ya!
1. Do you guys have a favorite song from the album?
2. Would rather run really fast like a cheetah or live up to be 200 years old like a turtle?
3. Favorite kind of fast food?
4. What's the longest flight you've been on?
5. Favorite things to put on burger or sandwich?
6. Has your parents car broke down on the way to school?
7. Favorite song by Mgmt or The Beatles?
8. Do you have any secret talents?
9. Plz shoutout to ImaNatnAlexFan/Rayne (rain)?
10. What song from Black Sheep mostly relates to your personalitys?

Unknown said...

1. Who of you is the one that most writing songs?
2. Who of you is the most annoying?
3. Their songs are about your life?
4. Who of you is more black sheep?
5. When you go do a world tour?

Monty Harper said...

Hi Rayne, Hi Everyone,

All great & fun questions! Do keep in mind that the ones I'll pass on to Nat and Alex will be my favorite questions about songwriting, since this is a songwriting blog! Thanks! - Monty

Vivian_n said...

Hi Nat and Alex , here's a couple of questions I always want it to know , about your song writting :] THANK U ;)~ Vivian!
1#---what are the steps or process you follow to write a song ?
2#---When you're going to write a song, you think like: oh, today I want to write a song, and you do it , or it just comes spontaneous the ideas , or how it comes the lyrics?
3#---Do you write about experiences or things that you imagine or about what?
4#---How do you do to put the music and lyrics together?
5#--- How many time it takes you to finish a song?

Monty Harper said...

Thank you, Vivian - GREAT set of questions!

Joanna said...

Hey Monty, Nat & Alex-
1) When writing a song, do you believe it would sound better if it's performed on a guitar rather than keyboard, vice versa, or does that not matter to you?
2) Out of all the songs you have written, which can you relate to the most?
3) Do you tend to write in a "code" in some of your songs that you only know about? (Like RCMJNBNOE)
4) Do you ever write in school during class to pass time?
5) If you really worked on it, how many songs can you write in one week?
Thanks! -Joanna

Vivian_n said...

Thanks:) Monty! just asking,You haven't received the answers from the guys

Monty Harper said...

Not yet! As soon as I get them, I'll post them! I imagine they've been busy with the holidays and all. Hopefully we'll hear from them soon...